Wardware: open source e-Observations system

Advanced NEWS charting, mobile observations entry, and data analysis

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Praise for Wardware

“If a nurse uses Wardware to identify that a patient is deteriorating, they call the doctor who can view the information immediately. The nurses and doctors can then discuss the best treatment plan for the patient.”

—Nurse at King’s College Hospital, London

“The paper observations chart is a really busy chart and it was taking nurses at least three minutes to fill it in. Using the handheld device has cut this down by half, freeing the nurses to spend more time with patients.”

—King’s College Hospital Ward Manager

“As NHS trusts across the UK strive to make better use of information technology to improve patient safety, some nurses are using an electronic observations system called Wardware on iPod Touch devices. It not only saves time on paperwork and reduces errors, but alerts nurses when action needs to be taken and allows patient data to be shared at once with doctors.”

Nursing Standard magazine (UK), 3 July 2013

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